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Please find below instructions on how to engage with the course, navigate through the content, and where questions can be asked.


  • The e-Learning course is a multimedia learning experience. The content is made up of text, images, videos, and interactive elements. Interactive elements include quizzes, drop-down boxes with further information, and ‘hotspot’ images which have additional text popups.
  • The learning is divided into 6 sections, each with a specific topic focus. In order to fully understand the context for the learning, these sections should be taken in the correct order, beginning with section 1.
  • Upon completion of each sub-section, please click the ‘Next’ button (image 1 below) to move on to the next sub-section.

  • All sections and sub-sections can be viewed in the navigation panel on the left-hand side (see image 2 below).


  • At the end of each section there are quiz questions.
  • The questions will be presented in different formats, including multiple choice and ‘free-text’. Please complete all quiz questions in order to complete the course.
  • Your answers will be stored and shared with the facilitators.
  • Your answers will not be viewed by other learners.

Course facilitation

  • This course will be facilitated for 4 weeks, including a live session in week 4. This means facilitators will be checking your questions and answers during this time. After the 4 weeks, you will still have access to the course to review the learning and access resources, however your answers will not be monitored.
  • The facilitators are available to answer any questions you may have throughout the course.
  • The main contact method is through Padlet. An email address will be provided below as a secondary method of communication. Instructions for how to engage with the facilitators will be provided in more detail below.


  • Padlet is a discussion forum, private to this course cohort. It is the primary space for asking questions and engaging with other learners during the course.
  • At the end of each section there will be a link to the Padlet. It can be accessed anytime as you progress through the learning.
  • Learners can add text, images, and links onto the Padlet. To add a new post, click the ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner of the Padlet
  • Please use this forum to ask questions about the course. The facilitators will monitor all questions posted on the Padlet.
  • Facilitators and learners can respond to any post with comments
  • We encourage you to engage with other learners on the Padlet.
  • Please be aware that all posts and comments on Padlet will be seen by learners on this Cohort. The link is private to this e-Learning course – please do not share with others. Please ensure you do not share any personal or confidential information in this space.
  • All Padlet posts will be downloaded by the facilitators as a record of the discussions. Your questions may be discussed during the live session.
  • After the comments have been downloaded, the Padlet will close to new posts. You will still be able to view all of the posts and comments, but no further posts will be added.


  • An email address has been provided below for any contact that is urgent or information that cannot be shared on the Padlet.
  • If necessary, please contact amsegypt@bsac.org.uk
  • We encourage you to use the Padlet where possible.
  • A facilitator will respond to your email.